July 4th - all day:  Celebrate independence at the NCSS booth.  Old Town Eureka Main Street’s 4th of July Festival. 

August 18th @ 1 PM:  Potluck at Perigot Park in Blue Lake. 
NOTE:  At this time the North Coast Scottish Society announces our decision to postpone our Frolic in The Glen & Highland Games for this year. We thank you all for your patience as we grow. In the meantime, we will be getting all in place for 2019.  Check out our website for 2019 planning committee meetings! 

Sept 16th @ 2 PM:  Bon Fire Night! Potluck and bonfire.  Place to TBD in Manila/Samoa. 

October 6th @ 6 PM:  Celebrating Autumn!  Cook up your most hearty dish.  Gathering at the Humboldt Area Foundation, Indianola Road, Eureka.

Nov 29 @ 6 PM:  Saint Andrew’s Dinner! Gathering to celebrate Scotland’s Patron Saint.  Gallagher’s pub. Contact Ginny at 707.798.2488 to reserve your seat. 

Jan 5th @ 6 PM:  Twelfth night! Yuletide potluck and gift exchange at Humboldt Area Foundation, Indianola Road, Eureka.

Jan 26th @ 5 PM:  Robert Burn’s Supper!!  Reservations required. Venue TBD.

June 3rd @ 1 PM:  Welcome Summer Picnic! Pack your blanket and basket and gather in Manila Park.  For more information please click on attached flyer.

Next games meeting (June 13th) at 4 pm at Gallagher's.  For more information please contact Ginger Sotelo at 707.442.7898.  Hello, All!  Tonight's Games Meeting at Gallaghers is cancelled. We'll be contacting everyone regarding the next meeting date.  Kindest Regards,  Denise 


NCSS Calendar of Events for 2018/2019, click on button 

2018/2019 Calendar of NCSS Events