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News & Updates

Membership Dues:  Please take this opportunity to renew your NCSS dues for 2019.  We always have a bountiful schedule and it will be another to be a fun year.  Keep up with all the latest through the NCSS Quarterly Newsletter and our website.  Please use the membership form located on the “Membership” page of this website to send in dues and / or update your contact information.  Thank you so much for your continued support and good company!

NCSS SWAG available. Beautiful North Coast Scottish Society earth-toned Frolic T-shirts are available as well as our regular NCSS T-shirts and sweatshirts in white and blue.  Wear your Scottish pride! Contact Ginger Sotelo at 707. 442.7898.

Upward and onward!

Volunteers Appreciated! Join in the fun of various NCSS events by volunteering.  Help make July 4th, Frolic in the Glen & Highland Games, Burns Supper and other exciting NCSS happenings more special by getting involved and offering to help.  It’s how we thrive and grow.  You will garner many thanks and be much loved! Call Chieftain Denise Ryles at 707.498.3014.

Scottish Country Dance classes on Friday afternoons are held at the Presbyterian Church in Arcata at 4 p.m. taught by dance instructor extraordinaire, Lucy Quinby. This class is free to one and all, although donations are be kindly accepted.  This is a great way to embrace Scottish culture, socialize, keep fit, and the keep the mind active. Who could ask for more?  Not Scottish? Love to dance? Come, the more the merrier!   For more information contact Chieftain Denise Ryles via email at info@northscots.org or call 707. 498.3014.